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Sports Insurance Specialists

Do I Need Sports Insurance?

What Is Sports Insurance for?


Whether you’re planning on doing any diving, climbing, zip lining, cliff jumping, or other extreme sports on your vacation,  Optional Sports Coverage is extra coverage for the adventurous traveler. It protects you while you’re traveling outside of British Columbia, giving you the peace of mind that you don't need to worry about any extra expenses on your vacation. This insurance gives you extra protection from your standard Emergency Medical Insurance which doesn't cover a lot of sporting activities. 


At Simmons Insurance Consultants we have you covered for all the sports and extreme activities you love. With the right insurance policy, we can cover both amateurs and professionals who need extra coverage. 




Who Needs Optional Sports Liability Insurance?

This type of insurance can range from covering an organisation of a sporting event to the players participating, and everything in between. This makes the scope of cover quite broad as well as those who require it, including:


  • Backcountry Skiing

  • Downhill Freestyle Skiing/ Snowboarding in organized contests Longboarding

  • Mountain Biking

  • Skating

  • Bobsledding

  • Canyoning/ Canyoneering

  • Endurance Activities over 6 hours

  • Flying as a pilot or passenger in a glider or ultralight

  • Hang Gliding

  • High-Risk Snowmobiling

  • Ice Climbing

  • Luge/Skeleton

  • Mountaineering up to 6,000m

  • Parachuting/Skydiving/Tandem or Skydiving 




What Does Sports Liability Insurance Cover?

Insuring a sporting activity or a sporting event, or an extreme activity can be complicated as there are multiple risks involved. From the safety of a venue, the health of the traveller, and the business aspect of the sport or team, Sports Liability Insurance can have a wide scope of coverage. 


Liability insurance can include:


  • Public liability

  • Professional liability

  • Third party damage

  • Employers’ liability

  • Event cancellation

  • Sports accident

  • Sports equipment

  • Spectator injuries


We are one of the few travel insurance providers in Canada to offer Optional Sports Coverage. Give us a call or get a quote today!

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