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Get Restaurant & Bar Insurance ​

While customers get to relax and enjoy their meal, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes at any restaurant that you, as the owner, need to worry about. Operating a food services business comes with a unique set of risks.  Simmons Insurance Consultants offers insurance solutions for restaurants are designed to deal with those risks.

What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover? 

Restaurants are exposed to a wide range of risks that make them vulnerable to lawsuits and other liabilities. Kitchens can be dangerous, fires can start, food can go bad, and large numbers of people frequenting restaurants are obvious risk factors. Restaurant insurance protects against these types of risk and helps prevent financial situations that are impossible to overcome.


Protect yourself and your livelihood through our team of experts who can help you find dependable coverage so you can concentrate on what matters most – your food and customers.


Restaurant Insurance can cover you in case of accidental damage to your premises or equipment, liability against client injuries, food poisoning, and liquor liability insurance in case your clients drinks too much and harms themselves or others. Other coverages can include: 








What does restaurant & bar insurance cover?

  • General Liability insurance

  • Business Interruption insurance

  • Contents and Inventory insurance

  • Building and Equipment insurance


What does it cost?


Each restaurant has its own unique qualities that expose them to different types of risk. For this reason, the cost varies from business to business. Common factors that influence your rate include the types of food you sell, cooking methods, and your building and employees, to name a few.


For example, a small coffee shop with limited cooking can expect their insurance cost to differ from a large tavern with a bar and full-sized industrial kitchen with fryers and ovens.


For a custom rate that best matches your restaurant, start a quote by filling out our online for, or call us today at Simmons Insurance Consultants  phone 778-800-0740.

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